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Textured glass apple bowls – set of 6


Vintage etched drinking glasses


MCM geometric pattern tumbler, drinking glass


Mid Century Modern colorful dots tumblers, drinking glasses


Chance Glass deep plate – white lace pattern, 60s


Mid Century Modern black and gold tumblers


Vintage glass powder jar, trinked box


Antique pink depression glass plate


Mid Century Modern flower tumblers in a red caddy holder


60s Green Glass Apple Bowls – set of 6


Wedgwood Brancaster clear glass candlestick


Wedgwood Brancaster blue glass candlestick


Vintage brown glass kitchen jar – by Sirykid


Art Deco orange carnival glass bowl


Antique pressed glass decanter, bottle in a purple hue


Mid Century Modern shot glass caddy – vintage barware


Vintage wine glasses by Schott Zwiesel | Roemer glasses


Vintage Art Deco glass Davidson cloud glass bowl | pressed glass

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