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Pair of vintage Japanese ceramic mugs


Antique ceramic match striker by Nimy Lez Mons


Vintage ceramic rustic vase with hand painted flowers


Vintage Quimper handpainted plate


Vintage Mexican ceramic vase Tonala pottery style


West German pottery Dümler & Breiden fat lava vase 135-25


Vintage apothecary – pharmacist plate blue on white, antique style


West German Pottery Silberdistel blue vase 1201 | German Op Art vase


Strehla 982 fat lava vase in blue and grey | East German pottery GDR


Vintage Studio art pottery blue vase in a conical, triangle shape | ceramic single flower vase, weed pot, 1986 year


Dümler & Breiden 1374 – 31 fat lava vase | Mid Century Modern West German pottery


Scheurich 401-28 fat lava vase in blue | West German Pottery, Mid Century Modern


Mid Century Modern Jasba vase 602/19


Vintage ceramic Essig – vinegar pot with blue birds relief

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