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Haldensleben VEB fat lava vase 3069 | East German pottery, DDR


Mid Century Modern Dümler & Breiden Vase 1104/21


Vintage ceramic rustic vase with hand painted flowers


Vintage ceramic anthropomorphic butter dish


Vintage ceramic anthropomorphic kitchen jar


Vallauris Cicada plate, Marseilles faience


Vintage ceramic elephant sculpture by Casals Peru


Mid Century Modern Scheurich fat lava vase 523 21


Mid Century Modern Strehla fat lava vase


Three legged vintage sugar bowl, ceramic lidded container in brow and white speckled glaze


Veb Haldensleben handled vase 4072 | Mid Century Modern East German pottery, fat lava, yellow and brown gaze


Vintage Scheurich 529 25 fat lava vase beige with graphite lines | Mid Century Modern, West German pottery


El Palomar Ken Edwards Mexico ceramic large candle holder | Mexican Tonala pottery


Mid Century Modern brown Strehla vase 1309 | East German Pottery, GDR, fat lava


Mid Century Modern Bay keramik vase 984-20 | West German Pottery, fat lava


Scheurich 414-16 fat lava vase, volcanic glaze | Mid Century Modern, West German pottery


Scheurich 414-16 fat lava vase | Mid Century Modern, West German pottery


Vintage Sarreguemines fish shaped sauce, gravy boat Made in France | French majolica fish

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