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Vintage Pan Keramik divided plate in dark red color | West German pottery


Mid Century Modern Scheurich fat lava vase 523 21


Vintage ceramic Christmas tree stand


Mid Century Modern shot glass caddy – vintage barware


Mid Century Modern Strehla fat lava vase


Karlsruhe Majolika vase | West German Pottery, Mid Century Modern


Mid Century Modern vase by Dumler & Breiden


West German pottery Dümler & Breiden fat lava vase 135-25


German Op Art Pottery Edelstein Bavaria porcelain vase 836/1 | Mid Century Modern


West German Pottery Silberdistel blue vase 1201 | German Op Art vase


Arzberg porcelain bowl with integrated plate | blue retro mod flower design


Mid Century wall vase by KMK Manuell


Mid Century Modern teak leaf shaped dish


Mid Century Modern ceramic ashtray, green fat lava


Mid Century Modern black and white Carstens vase


Vintage Scheurich plant pot floral design in red 887 – 17 | Fat Lava planter


Vintage Arzberg coffee pot | German Mid Century Modern design, 50s , atomic, space age


Veb Haldensleben handled vase 4072 | Mid Century Modern East German pottery, fat lava, yellow and brown gaze

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