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Tafelglanz Sus Inox midcentury trayTafelglanz Sus Inox midcentury tray

Tafelglanz Sus Inox stainless steel serving tray

stainless steel serving traystainless steel serving tray

Voss Denmark stainless steel serving tray

Fat lava vase by Ruscha 805Fat lava vase by Ruscha 805

Pink fat lava vase | 805 by Ruscha, WGP, midcentury

West German vase Dümler & BreidenWest German vase Dümler & Breiden

Mid Century Modern Dümler & Breiden Vase 1104/21

Vintage porcelain geometric vaseVintage porcelain geometric vase

Vintage porcelain geometric vase

Modernist sculpture Hoselton Canada gooseModernist sculpture Hoselton Canada goose

Modernist sculpture Hoselton Canada 629

Ruscha vase WGPRuscha vase WGP

Ruscha 312 fat lava vase in yellow | Mid Century Modern, West German pottery

Karlsruhe Majolika vaseKarlsruhe Majolika vase

Karlsruhe Majolika vase | West German Pottery, Mid Century Modern

West German Pottery Silberdistel vaseWest German Pottery Silberdistel vase

West German Pottery Silberdistel blue vase 1201 | German Op Art vase


Vintage Scheurich 529 25 fat lava vase beige with graphite lines | Mid Century Modern, West German pottery


Mid Century Modern vase 2014/18 by Ilkra Edelkeramik J.L. Knödgen | fat lava UFO vase, West German pottery


Vintage Studio art pottery blue vase in a conical, triangle shape | ceramic single flower vase, weed pot, 1986 year


Large copper candle holder | Modernist, Arts and Crafts candlestick 10”

Vintage Jasba vase

Mid Century Modern Jasba vase 602/19

Modernist clear glass vase

Mid Century Modern glass vase

Dümler & Breiden modernist rope vase

Mid Century Modern Dümler & Breiden Vase 1105/22

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