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Mid Century Modern Fohr Keramik vase 307-20


Mid Century Modern Scheurich Keramik cream vase 293-26


Haldensleben VEB fat lava vase 3069 | East German pottery, DDR


Steuler green vase 444/15


Pink fat lava vase | 805 by Ruscha, WGP, midcentury


Mid Century Modern green vase 380-15


Mid Century Modern Dümler & Breiden Vase 1104/21


Scheurich 507-15 dripping glaze art vase | purple fat lava vase


Vintage wide ceramic vase/ jar with branch relief, green glaze | Mid Century Modern, rustic


Veb Haldensleben handled vase 4072 | Mid Century Modern East German pottery, fat lava, yellow and brown gaze


Royal KPM Bavaria porcelain vase 584/3 | German Op Art Pottery, Mid Century Modern


Vintage Scheurich 529 25 fat lava vase beige with graphite lines | Mid Century Modern, West German pottery


Mid Century Modern brown Strehla vase 1309 | East German Pottery, GDR, fat lava


Yellow wheel thrown jug with a sgraffito figure of a fencer | Macolin 1954, a trophy, Swiss pottery


Strehla 982 fat lava vase in blue and grey | East German pottery GDR


Mid Century Modern vase 2014/18 by Ilkra Edelkeramik J.L. Knödgen | fat lava UFO vase, West German pottery


Mid Century Modern Bay keramik vase 984-20 | West German Pottery, fat lava


Mid Century Modern handled vase by Carstens Tönnieshof | fat lava, West German pottery

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