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Antique pressed glass decanter, bottle in a purple hue


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Antique pressed glass decanter, that is clear at the bottom and gradually becomes more purple, possibly a solarized glass.
I’m not completely sure if it was made like that or if it’s the result of solarization (antique glass that contains manganese dioxide changes its color to purple when exposed to ultraviolet of sun rays for a long time).
Some parts indicate that once this was a lustre glass.

Height – 16 cm | 6.3 inches
Diameter – 9.5 cm | 3.7 inches

Condition – some small nicks here and there and some patina to the surface but no larger damage.
Marks – none.

Shipping weight | Przybliżona waga przesyłki 1.3 kg

Clear, Purple


1910s and before

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